Wednesday, June 28, 2017

poem ~ some days

Some days I think I know 
the plan you have for me,
and then I second-guess myself 
is this really where you're taking me?

Some days I think I can go 
this road alone for reals,
Because I don't need a man
to enjoy life with all the thrills.

Some days I long to find the one 
who'll take my hand in his, 
And show me that this life alone 
isn't the one that I should live.

Some days I think I may have met 
the one you have for me,
And then you show me just a clue 
how wrong this thought can be.

Some days I think I have it figured out 
the next step that I must take to be,
Focused on the plan to execute 
the vision that's in front of me.

Some days I'm fine with living all alone 
and then I get a glance of him,
And wonder how this can be right
for I'd love to snuggle watching football every night.

Some days it makes no sense to me 
how one moment I can be fine and free,
And then someone says something to me 
that makes me wish I had a man for keeps.

© Misty W Gilbert
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