Saturday, June 24, 2017

poem ~ what made you?

What made you decide
to write poems each day,
And share the deep things
riding your heart beat waves?

What made you feel
that the gift you seek,
Comes from the words
you intentionally bleed?

What made you live
so vulnerably,
And share your heart

What made you cry
in desperate straights,
To create the life
you desired to make?

What made you brave
in spite of it all,
To live this life
when you've been abused so raw?

What made you think
the way you do,
Committed to live
fully in freedom anew?

What made you be
an amazing Friend,
One who will fight
through the journeys end?

What made you touch
my soul so deep,
With the words you write
to expand my reach?

What made you see
the poem in you,
And share it for
the world to view?

© Misty W Gilbert
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