Friday, July 14, 2017

poem ~ Facebook Zoo

To think that the things you post
should come to divide the ones you love most,
When really in this world so wide
all your trying to do is live your life.

Yet even the best of Friends 
with hearts aligned in front of them,
Will separate apart its true
because of words written in truth.

No matter how you say it
even with the kindest of words you use,
Some will never see it
for your perspective is blind from their view.

It will sneak upon you
and probably even rock your world in two,
And though you’ll try to make amends
the time has come for the relationship to end.

Don’t let this stop you today
from sharing your voice and stuff about your day,
Not everyone can handle the truth
of what you speak from deep inside of you.

Remember as you walk away
the memory of each will always stay,
Don’t give up on you
even if others do.

© Misty W Gilbert
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