Sunday, July 23, 2017

poem ~ If God Said

If God was in the beginning 
and is in the end,
Is it possible to ever be without God? 

If God said
He made all living things,
Is it possible that He had a purpose when He made Satan too?

If God said 
you will know good and evil,
Is it possible that knowing good and evil was God's plan as a tool of enlightenment now that He has given you with a choice?

If God said
you were made in His likeness,
Is it possible for you to be wrong when God crafted all of you?

If God said 
the truth will make you free, 
Is it possible you don't have the truth if you feel unfree?

If God said
I came that you might have life, 
Is it possible to give up the fight to find life and realize you already have it?

If God said
your faith has made you whole,
Is it possible it's not a prayer or baptism or asking forgiveness or confession of sins that makes you whole? 

If God said
all things work together for your good,
Is it possible nothing that happens is bad because it all has a useful purpose?

If God said
He has given each of us gifts,
Is it possible that you aren't using the gifts God has given you?

If God said
you can do all things,
Is it possible this means He had given you the same power to be an overcomer? 

If God said 
faith is the substance of things,
Is it possible that your life won't be what you want without faith?

If God said 
seek me and you will find me,
Is it possible this seeking God isn't to do so in The Bible or Church but that He is in everything and everywhere and that this is how He wants us seeking Him? 

If God said
there is no condemnation, 
Is it possible that we've got the wrong perspective in how we view ourselves and others? 

© Misty W Gilbert 
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