Tuesday, July 25, 2017

poem ~ the truth

When someone asks you a question,
Are you prepared to tell the truth?
Or do you look for the edge,
To share only a sliver of its roots?

When the truth is asked of you,
Will you look it in the eye?
Or will you dodge behind a pretense,
With a mask all full of lies?

When the question is specific,
Will you respond in generalities?
Or will you open up your heart,
And share all the qualities?

When the truth might cut them deep,
Will you hold back in fear?
Or will you share with those around you,
The things that you hold dear?

When life renders you heartache,
Will you respond still in truth?
Or will you walk away from being honest,
Even when your known for this value since your youth?

© Misty W Gilbert
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