Wednesday, April 1, 2009

1 Year Anniversary at my job

Today marks my 1 year anniversary...

As I reflect on the changes in my work history from the beginning of spring 1996 to now, I can't help but have immense gratitude to God for the job I have now...a deep thankfulness of how blessed I am to have a kind boss, caring coworkers, a great working environment not too far from home! Many times, my days are just downright crazy...but even in the midst of these spells I have never lost heart and always am excited to go back another day and work thru the challenges that come. I can't deny that some days haven't been downright grueling or that I never have had tears of frustration...I have...but the year really and truely has flown by. I have not been perfect and have many things I wish to do differently or excel at even more. My first year has had many challenges to wade thru and overcome...some I have accomplished and some I still yet have to do. I worked as a Billing Assistant with the Billing Manager, Jennifer, for the first 6 weeks on the job (April 1st, 2008 to May 8th, 2008) learning the office structure, working at the front desk and helping with billing & collections...until I came in on that Thursday morning in May to my boss greeting me with "Welcome to your new position, congratulations!" I was shocked...sure, I knew what the end plan was, to let "her" go and for me to replace her as the new Accounting Manager, but now I was able to "move on from salad" as my boss had said to me a few weeks previously! A week into the job, some things came up in trying to figure out where we stood with our finances and in my confusion to understand and put things together I had to explain the situation to my boss and he told me he was too busy to help me, I would have to handle this one alone...this was the first time when he left the office that I buried my head in my arms on my desk and cried. What was I to do? How was I to make things happen and meet deadlines? This launched the beginnings of some intense work in the accounting data to find the errors. I have only taken one day off since I started the job to attend Stephen & Tiffany's wedding last October, and my boss felt that I needed a I am off today and tomorrow to chill and do whatever I want but absolutely NO WORK! It actually feels downright weird to not be working - I think I truely must be a workaholic! But today, I want to express my thanks for the great job I have!!!

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