Wednesday, December 30, 2009

4th Quarter progress on 2009 Resolutions

I received my fourth quarter email from Glenn Shepard on where I am with my 2009 Goals & Resolutions. This is what I submitted to him on where I stand on my goals for the year (review blog entry on 1/1/2009 for goals set):

1. 100% met = stay on track with monthly budget and financial planning
2. 50% = did not meet this goal in the way I had wanted (100% revamping of my casa), but I am grateful for the changes I have made in habits contributing to the issue; going forward it should only progress with my goal to achieve more in 2010
3. 0% met, no progress = must make this a priority for 2010
4. 75% progress = always good to recheck up on yourself and flow with life
5. 100% = have learned, need to continue to implement it

Many THANKS Glenn for your encouragement through the year!
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