Friday, January 1, 2010

the day of New Years Eve 2009/2010

I had requested to have the day off (unpaid as I had no more PTO or Vacation time) to relax and enjoy the day preparing for the New Years Eve Game Night Party. I slept in till 10am...which felt lovely!!! I have been really tired as of late and am not sure if its my schedule catching up with me or if its the fact I have not been eating as I had been previously and therefore it has made me tired. Anyways, I got up and the first thing I did was to check my email and read one from Dr. Tom stating his phones were out at the house. I called the number and it stated it was no longer a working number. Not knowing whom the issue might be with because we have requested to be transferred to a new carrier...after 3hours of walking thru the issues, being transferred to 3 different departments, getting a ticket logged, and someone scheduled to go onsite and bring resolution to the issue now that someone had dropped the ball and made things much worse than they already were, I was now behind on the rest of my agenda for the day. I decided to make the most of my day and be optimistic, that it would all come together and work out just fine though I had more on my plate then I saw fit to accomplish. My car was in the shop and I had loaded up all the props last night in my rental car that I was to deliver to the meeting hall for my part in the decorations for the "Live Clue Game". I was starved but there was no time to eat, I had to get a move on it. I stuck some milk and water in to heat in the microwave, poured it into my togo cup and stuck a chai tea bag in it and rushed off to hit the road. Went to Terry's to ask him to assist me in unloading everything in the rain to make things more efficient, he was glad to help. I thought I would back up close to the gym door to help us not have to lug things so far through the rain and mud, a BIG MISTAKE! I kept saying, I can't get stuck Terry, I can't get stuck! What was I thinking??? I was already stuck!!! Yup, you got it, I got my rental car stuck in the mud...and to top it off, it was 2.15pm and I needed to be at the rental place by 3pm which is when they closed! With tears in my eyes and my voice quivering, I asked Terry to try to push and we could try to get out...didn't work. Jeff was not at home, he was in town running errands and unable to help me out of my fix. He told me what vehicle to use, where the straps were and how to use them to pull me ot. I had him tell Terry the same information because my brain was frozen...but all the while I was thinking, I don't have time for this!!! We continued to unload the car. Rachel Sebastian and Preston showed up to do some of their game stuff. I asked if they would kindly try to help push us out and they did. We made little progress and I was beginning to feel very helpless. Terry kept giving me directions on how to turn the wheel how much gas to use on this dumb automatic car, etc. I had NEVER been stuck in the mud before and I didn't like the feeling. Plus being in a car that wasn't mine made things all the was bigger and an automatic and I felt like I was going nowhere...I tried to take a deep breath and remember I wasn't a quiter...before long, I was! No the pressure was on to get gas and get there by 3pm...could I do it??? If not, I was going to be out more money with two more days car rental since tomorrow they would be closed due to the Holiday...I sure didn't want to spend money this way. Terry called me while I was driving on FM1187...he said he didn't know what to do when I started crying...I told him he did fine, but he hadn't seen crying yet! LOL!!! I told him not to feel bad, it was my fault, but he felt bad anyways because he told me to go in reverse further when I should have gone forward. It still was not his fault I am the one who decided to go in reverse and get myself stuck in the was my fault, no one elses!!! Plain stupid of me! I pulled up to the gas station unable to see what side the gas tank was on in this four door silver Hyundai Sonata. Of course, it was on the other side, but I thought I could deal with it, you know most of the pumps these days usually have that pulley thing so I could make it work, wrong! Not this old place. Get back in, move to the other side, people starring, license plate is Tennessee, yah, I know I am some pale face white female in a skirt who doesn't know what she is doing...okay, if you only knew my peridicament! I much gas? where the mark had been when I picked up the vehicle or was it supposed to be returned at full??? I don't remember the guy telling me and I certaintly had received no paperwork. What the heck, fill it full, why make things worse in the end and have to pay some exporbitant fee for not returning it maxed out? No thanks! Didn't need that. So I tear out of the gas station like I was going somewhere in a big hurry, because I was! Run the next signal light as it turned to a red light knowing that it was an older one that doesn't have those red light cameras that are so popular now...telling myself "keep going, you got to hurry Misty, HURRY!" Guess what? I made it there 3minutes before they closed!!! The guy commented about the mud on the vehicle...I nicely told him that he should be glad I made it on time because I had gotten stuck in the mud at "church" and barely got out. He was nice after that. ;) I walked to the dearlership next door and picked up my car...thankful to finally have my own wheels back, something I knew and felt comfortable with.

Now I was off to tackle the next problem of the day, head to Verizon to get my cell phone looked at as it keeps dropping calls. I got it in October and have been in there 5 times in the last 3 months trying to get my phone to work appropriately...they agreed to change it out today since the 3 software upgrades have not worked. Then I asked to make a payment on Terry's phone for him as he had given me cash to do so. The said I had to use the machine, I said okay. When I tried, it wouldn't let me because it is a prepaid phone it requires a PIN (which of course I didn't have) and it won't take payments without I went back to the desk for assistance. The lady didn't want to help me, said she would do it this once but normally couldn't do that for me. WHAT? Where was peoples nice attitude of customer service...I am pre-paying a bill, I am not late! IRRRhhhh!!! As I am leaving, Bethany calls to see if now is a good time that they can come get my club chairs for the props, is it okay to come now? I said sure. After I tell her where I am at, she states that she is going to go get some food and head my way. FOOD? I haven't eaten and its 4pm! What was I thinking to run on empty all day? I rush in to Chipotle and get a burrito bowl togo and hurry home in the rain. We load the chairs, she leaves, I eat half my bowl and suddenly realize that I am utterly exhausted. I have much left to do, but feel that if I try to do another thing, I am going to be downright fried. My nerves are shot...whats wrong with me? I decide I need a nap...I am going to turn my phone on silent, close the blinds, gather a soft blanket that I received from a friend for a birthday gift a few years ago, and take a 40min nap. I fall asleep, drooling, but oh this nap did wonders for me because I woke up feeling better, in a frame of mind to be around people again. Now the rush is on...wash my hair, get my costume together, hopefully the clothes that I need are clean, find a scrap of white fabric, make a hat to look like the Clue Character Mrs.White & be ready in one hour to leave for Game Night at the building as it starts at 7.30pm and its 6pm now! Did I achieve it? Yes, I did it, in one hour and ten minutes...I still don't know how, but I did.
The game night at the building was a big hit...everyone was having a blast...actually way too much fun yelling and screaming for me...but it was true that it was a good time by all.
"LIVE" CLUE GAME characters played in action
(there were other backups but not taken in this photo)

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