Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Terry!

My brother turns 29 today!  

I have had two ideas that I have been contemplating as to what I would make for my brother as a gift...both requried time, I decided to go with second idea that came to me, painting a verse using acrylic paint on canvas.  This is the final product:

I have only worked with acrylic paint one other time and it was with tissue paper, this was a whole different ball game!  I can't say that I am totally pleased with how this project turned out, but its a first attempt at something like this and coming from someone who can barely draw stick figures and has no artist capabilities, I think I didn't do half bad!  This project took 5hrs to do...yes, more than I thought, I was guessing 3hrs.  I can't complain though, I already had the canvas in my stash of project things and I only had to buy a special acrylic paint brush and the paint because I had neither of these two things. 

Please note: item is handmade, no two letters are exactly alike. This is considered an enhancement, not a defect.  It was painted by an individual not seeking a professional career as an artist.

* * * * * * * * * * *

In support of The Viriginia House and the quest for "We Can Do It Cheaper" my cousin will post a picture of a product and then her creation.  I do not have a product to compare to at the moment, so you will have to imagine it!  Here is how to make this product. 

Buy desired size white canvas ~ $5.99 at WalMart ($0.00 as it has been in my project stash for 5yrs):

Deside on font and quote you wish to paint on canvas.  Type in Microsoft Word.  Print out on plain white paper. 

Supplies you will need:  scotch tape & scissors ($0.00 - had on hand); paint brush $5.99 after 40%off sale at Hobby Lobby (normally $9.99); Acrylic Paint $3.59 after 40%off coupon at Hobby Lobby (normally $5.99).
Cut apart and affix to back of canvas with tape so you can trace it. (The photo I took of this did not turn out therefore I do not have this image as part of the process). 

I then put the canvas in a stand I had and sat at the dinning room table where I had lots of light coming thru the windows to see my image.  Paint letters on canvas. 

Enjoy final product!


  1. You did great Misty! I'm proud of you. I never thought to do it that way (with tracing it). I always do it the hard way:-(

  2. I don't know that you ALWAYS do it the hard way...its great to share ideas like this because we all do something differetly. Maybe next time you will think of tracing. LOL! Thanks for inspiring me to do a post on "We Can Do It Cheaper".