Saturday, April 3, 2010

time or money???

They say you don't have both time and money.  I am not sure what to think about this comment.  There are times I feel I have both, others when it feels like I have neither...and then there are the times I know I have only one of the two and need the other!!!  Is this true for you?  Which would you rather have?  How do you create a balance for both? 

Let's reflect:

1. we all have the same duration of hours in a day
2. we all have to use it wisely
3. we can't take back what we just lost in wasted time, its gone forever
4. we & others make our own choices on how we spend our time

1. we all make different amounts
2. we all have different expenses
3. we all have to budget (or live with the consequences of not)
4. we all choose in one way or another where to spend or save our funds

So, how do you solve the quest for both???  What works for you?  Share your tips and comments below because I need them!

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