Wednesday, May 5, 2010

another update on Terry

I was at the hospital this morning, 8am-8.50am.  Sylvia Woodall met me up there and Jeff arrived while the doctor was talking to us. They were waking Terry up and going to draw blood after he stayed awak for awhile (an hour or so) and make sure his lungs were functioning the way they should be and that his oxygen levels stayed good with the goal to have him breathe on his own. He was frustrated at wanting to try to talk but with the ventilator in his mouth, he couldn't.  We got a piece of paper and held it for him to try and write us messages.  He wrote words on top of words and his writing at times was very hard to read, but we did our best to make things out.  He got tears in his eyes when I told him I loved him, that he was going to make it and that I wanted him to succeed.  The doctor said his pupils are good, vital signs are good, organs are functioning and things seem to be progressing nicely.   One of his doctors stressed very strongly that Terry needs lots of help.  I am aware of this and so are others,  I do not think any of us are ignorant of that fact nor are we opposed to the help they can give him. Though the Lord is who Terry needs the most, I do think the doctors need to get him stablized on medications and therapy. I will go back at lunch.

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