Wednesday, May 5, 2010

another update on Terry

I went to the hospital at lunch and spent 90minutes with Terry.  He was asleep when I got there, but woke up and started visiting.  The ventilator had been removed and his voice was very raspy.  He was very hungry and had his first meal, liquids that consisted of: cranberry juice, lemonade, a boost drink, chicken broth, and jello.  He did well.  We chatted most the time, some of what he said made sense, some of it didn't.  He was still groggy from his medications.  He confirmed that Mom was the last person he talked to.  He talked to Mindy at 8pm Sunday night, me at 8.15pm and then Mom.  He had informed both Mom & Mindy that he was depressed and didn't want to live and really wanted to die.  He did not tell me this when he called.  His call was short and just to let me know that he was tired and was going to bed and hoped I had a good week at work.  I told him I hoped he did too and that we would get together later in the week.  We will know more about his mental state as the day wears on.  He did not remember me being there this morning, but I would expect that.

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