Wednesday, May 19, 2010

a blessing expressed by Terry

Tonight at meeting, Jeff asked if anyone had any blessings...and Terry stood up and said a few things:
he was thankful for me and for me being faithful to him
thankful for having lunch with Weyman today
and he was thankful to be alive

Wow...this is progress! I don't know if his mindset will stay there, but I sure hope so!  Pray for him...


  1. wow! What a blessing it must have been for you to hear him say he was glad to be alive! That is great! We are still keeping Terry in our prayers, you as well! When you hear something like this, it just re-afirms that the Lord answers prayer!

  2. Very true Melissa! Uncle Tom had us sing, God Can Do Anything right after this. Several asked what triggered this, and I don't know but I think several small things. Thank you for your prayers!