Sunday, May 23, 2010

sunday reflections

Life is serious.  It has its moments of fun and pleasure, but will I deny myself and follow Christ?  Some are critical decisions...every decision costs me one way or another. 

The Lord makes the difference in my life...only as I allow Him to do so.  I have no more value in my life than you.  Will I serve Him in sincerity and truth?  It is a never ending battle that I have to choose daily lest I become a castaway (a shipwrecked person. anything cast adrift or thrown away. an outcast.)Is truth prevailing in my life?  

We each decide whether we will walk by humility and the fear of the Lord to obtain riches, honor and life! 

He will give peace in the storm - comfort in trouble - help in our need. 

Our Lord has equipped us for our journey!

Tom Collins message today

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