Wednesday, June 16, 2010


sometimes I don't get spot...blogging
I try really, really, really hard to figure this stuff out in the little bits of time I have, but sometimes I am just left flat out stumped when nothing logical comes from my research!  have you ever felt like that?  so maybe you can help know how you follow blogs, right? and so when your blog is listed on someone elses blog page (i.e. like I have the list I follow on the right hand of my blog), depending on their settings, it either shows your post recent post date or the title of the post unless they don't have it setup this way.  so, how come my blog that is being followed on someone else's page shows the last time I posted a post was 5 months ago???????  this is nowhere accurate. :(  I don't get it and don't know what is wrong with this dumb blogger!!!  Sometimes I schedule posts, sometimes I automatically post just depends on whether I am working in rears, current or the future. LOL!  Either way, 5 months ago was a long time and I have posted a million posts since then!

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