Thursday, June 17, 2010

signs...with a message

Okay, I am in love with this sign...I thought it was sooooooooooo cute and just my style.  I had to grab my camera phone (and quickly put it on silent so that I could snap a picture of it and nobody hear me do so) at one of my favorite shops (nope I won't tell you where since I actually didn't get permission to take the picture or post it on my blog for free advertising - LOL), then I texted it to a friend who emailed it to me since I don't have the internet on my phone...(please, don't give me a hard time for being too cheap now).  I love the simplicity of the colors, the message and the shape...but for $199???   uh ummmmmmm, yah not that much. 

Maybe I will try to make it.  Think I can???


  1. Misty...... I to LOVE the simplicity of that sign..... SO -- IF you do make one for yourself---- let me know-- Maybe I can hve you make me one..... or I can make one for myself!!!
    I just LOVE IT!!!!

    and at $199...... Uh.... NO -- More like $0.99


  2. I will let you know what success I have with making one...when I can take a weekend off to do it! :) Thank You friend for emailing the photo to me...