Sunday, June 20, 2010

company for lunch!!!

It is June, and I am still purposing to keep to my goal of having company for lunch once a month, I made plans to have company for lunch today two weeks ago for this Sunda.y  I am not sure after such a busy week that this was the best plan, but it was already in the works so here we go...I invited Jeff & Lorrie, but they couldn't make it.  So I invited Shannon & Cindy, Gilbert & Connie and Terry.  Terry went home after meeting and fell asleep, so he arrived just as we were sitting down to eat.  Reid & Collin spent some time in the pool...the rest of us, ate & visited.  Terry left right after lunch. 

Menu: The Chipotle concept ~ make your own Burrito, Burrito Bowl or Salad with Coffee Ice Cream and Cookies & Cream Ice Cream for dessert.

Once again, we had a nice time eating and visiting...I enjoy having company and am looking forward to next month.

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