Sunday, June 20, 2010


oKAY...I am one of the crazy people who is avid about recycling.  I recycle ANYthing I can get my hands on.  So when I say that, what do you invision?  Let me tell you what I do:

paper - once I get the mail, it gets sorted, right away if possible, at minimum before I go to bed. if I don't keep it or need it, it either is shredded (because it has my address on it) or put as is in the green recycle bin.  the bags of shredding are also put in the recycle bin when a bag gets full.
food containers from purchases - if it is paper, if it is plastic, if it is metal, if it has the recycle symbol on it, it gets rinsed & cleaned and put in the recycle bin.  the only thing I do not recycle is anything that has meat in it.
fabric - if there is any way it can be used for something, I keep it.  if not, it goes in the recycle bin.

I make a weekly pile, under my desk, of the accumulation of recycled items at the office and take them home each Friday.  the pile consists of:  outdated magazines, newspapers, Foldgers plastic coffee containers, empty envelopes, non-financial/non-HIPAA paperwork, boxes, packaging, anything that possibly can be recycled goes in the box. oh and for those sheets of paper that print that unneed little bit of data, it goes in a stack to be reprinted on. oh and I take the office bags of shredding home too.

I grew up most of my childhood in California.  Recycling was a mandatory in Texas it is optional.  The recycle bin is something that was provided by the city a year or so ago so that we would promote recycling.  Each household was given one green plastic bin. I asked my neighbors who had theirs sitting outside their garage if they were not going to recycle if I could use their bin because one is never enough for me, I always have mine full way before the weekly pickup on Tuesdays.  I love it!!!  It is sucha  good, clean, useful feeling to recycle.  Before the bins that were provided for us by the city, I have taken my recycling to the dumpsters around town to dispose of what I was my way to give back and reuse.  I always have enjoyed recycling which doesn't make sense since I have such a hard time getting rid of things I don't use or need if it can't be recycled.

Do you recycle?  Do you think I am obsessed with recycling?

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