Wednesday, June 23, 2010

update on Terry

Terry left Monday night to head to California to visit Mom & Dad and gather his things. The last time I talked with him on the phone was at 6.30pm last night and he was in Blythe. He was concerned that he shouldn't be talking on his cell phone driving down the highway not knowing the CA laws regarding cell phone use, so we did not talk long. I received a confusing voicemail from my mom at 2.21am that I retrieved at 7am this morning. I have spoken with Jeff and the information he has received from my mom likewise is confusing, doesn't add up or make complete sense. I will not try to confuse you with the details she has relayed but give you as clearly as I can the facts:

Somebody stole Terry's cell phone, took some of his money and tried to overtake Terry's car last night.  In fighting back he received a blow to the back of his head, had profuse bleeding (head, nose, mouth), but drove himself to the hospital and has received stitches. He waited for 2hrs before they could place him in an ER bed.  He is still in the ER and doesn't have a phone in his room. The nursing staff would not release me any details (other than they did give him stitches, they consider him stable, and he was sleeping as he had been since he arrived) because they didn't know who I was and due to HIPAA regulations they could not disclose any information to me. I faxed them the POA paperwork and Durable Medical Power of Attorney for their records. By the time I called back he was awake and able to make his own decisions they said so they would not release me any more information. I had tried his cell phone this morning before I knew it was stolen and it went straight to voicemail, I went ahead and left a message. I also had sent a text message and it doesn't show that it was received (he is Verizon also so I can tell when it has been delivered). I have since has his phone inactivated so that whomever has it can not rack up a bill on his behalf.  Jeff would like to talk to him as soon as he can to find out what happened and what his plan is from here. We should be able to when he is transferred to a room. Please pray for Terry.

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