Thursday, June 24, 2010

update on Terry

I just spoke with a lady who was apart of the team from The Crisis Center that evaluated Terry yesterday before he was discharged from the hospital.  They state that he is not under their care but they will not disclose any more information to me because of the HIPAA regulations. She told me I would have to get answers from the hospital.  I informed her the hospital gave me their number as I didn't know what crisis center to contact. 

I then texted Jeff to see if he had heard from Terry or my mom.  He replied to call when I could.  Jeff states he spoke with Terry this morning and he was at a crisis unit of some sort and has been there since he was discharged from the hospital yesterday.  Mom evidently gave Terry his keys and he drove himself there.  He states Terry was in good spirits and had a plan to go to Walmart or Target later today to get a prepaid cell phone.  He said Terry's plan is to stay there at the crisis center a day or two, then go to my parents and get his things and then head back maybe by Monday after he rests up.  Evidently mom states he can come and stay at the house after he spends 2days at this Crisis Unit.  I am going to try to get ahold of Terry on the number Jeff called him at as it is different than what I had been given from the hospital for the crisis center.

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