Wednesday, July 28, 2010

oops...I didn't need that!

I was on my way to work this morning...driving down FM731, talking on my cell phone, zoning in the sense I was just cruising down the road, really not paying attention to my speed.  But in some ways I was because I knew I was going 52 and I thought I was in a 50mile an hour zone.  Ugh, nope!  Cop does a complete u-turn, blazing his lights and pulls me over.  No mercy...ticket issued..."Ma'am please sign here, this is not stating you are guilty.  Have a nice day!"...huh?  A nice day when you just issued me a fine at probably $200?  Yah, thanks sir! 

I did confirm I was speeding - I backtracked to make sure it was a 40mph zone. 
I am guilty. 
But sure didn't want to give you my hard earned money.

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