Thursday, July 29, 2010

some days...

Do you ever just want to start over?  Tell the day you won't let it have an attitude with you like this?  Well, my day started like that today.  I decided to treat myself to breakfast this morning from Sonic.  A supersonic breakfast burrito (w/no jalapenos) and a carmel iced latte.  The sad thing is, I never got to drink my beverage.  The lid was not on tight and it slipped off the cup when I crabbed it as I was getting out of the car to come into the office, split all over the shotgun side floor!  I hadn't even had one sip of it!  $2.99 wasted. down the drain into the carpet.  ice and cream and carmel sticky mess all over the place.  Yah...I remembered to count my blessings:
The car now smells really nice!
I didn't get any of this mess on me!
I will treat myself again to another iced latte when I run errands for the office because I had my heart set on it, even if that means the impact of the cost is now $5.98 in the budget!

An update @11:00am:
I ran errands for the office and ordered myself another carmel iced latte and asked them to make sure they put the lid on tight as the one I ordered on my way to work ended up all over my car and I never even got a sip of it.  Guess what?  They comped it to me...I like businesses that want to keep your business and make you a happy customer!  Good job Sonic!  (and yah for the budget).

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