Wednesday, August 11, 2010

day spent hanging with my girlfriend...

Monday, I scheduled a day off with my boss for today as I made plans to spend it with my girlfriend, Jennifer, doing whatever we pleased.  Her husband had plans to be out of town on business and she would be able to do something with me. 

As things turned out, she texted last night to say he was going to be intown, but to go ahead and sleep in and come over whenever I wanted.  When I arrived mid-morning, she was kicked back on the couch not feeling very well, experiencing an awful spell of dizziness.  We ended up just being couch potatoes all day...chatting and catching up on sooooooo many things.  I did some research on her lovely Mac computer as to treatment for her dizziness and vertigo in all liklihood due to ear rocks being misplaced.  She has had this happen once before and it took weeks to recover.  I ordered sushi to go for lunch and went and picked it up.  We enjoyed the Scallop Dynamite roll, Mt Axiom roll, Spicy Yellowtale roll and the Louisanna roll.  So yum!!!  Blair played with my hair and put it in curls on the back of me head.  It was very cute!  I ended up skipping meeting because we were still chatting. Once I left, I had to go deliver work to one of my employees and then went home to crawl in bed.  All in all, it was a fun day of doing nothing! 

Seriously...must I go back to work tomorrow?

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