Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Old Chair - still in process

yes, in process...it is a LONG process, largely since I work so many hours and have little "me" time.  I am still working on my Old Chair that I am in process of doing a complete redo on (check the link above for the original post if you missed it)...

I sanded for hours and hours this last Saturday, working on those hard areas that the stripper didn't get to or do a very good job on...you know, the corners, underside of the arms, the arm posts, etc...yah...lots of hard effort and it was hot!  I must tell you what I did to manage the heat though...I spent some time in the pool and decided to stay in my swimsuit while I worked on my chair in the garage with the garage door up just a portion to create air flow.  I periodically would go cool off in the pool and then come back dripping in my wet swimsuit and work some more.  It felt so good!!!!!!!  It kept me working probably much longer than I otherwise would have in one setting.  Boy was I exhausted after the day was done! 

I am getting much closer to moving to the next phase, so now I need votes and oppinions from you...which of the 4 swatches below to you like???  The colorings are close, not exact, but it gives you a pretty good idea of what I am contemplating right now. 

Clockwise -  #1 linen;  #2 dark tweed;  #3 cream & tan check;  #4 light tweed

I have 2 that I am leaning towards of the above 4...can you guess which 2???  Please tell me which one you are drawn to!  Help me decide...

To help you invision my chair with the fabric, here is what I bought this past Saturday, "Jacobean" Minwax stain...it was on sale 30% off! oh yah, perfect timing!  I think it looks a bit more brown here then the sample in the store, but who knows for sure how accurate it is!
Give me your vote!


  1. Really really like the top left.

  2. Gotta say I like #1 and #3. They are all really great though. #1 caught my eye first, but #3 might look better with the stain you have. Can't wait to see it!!