Friday, August 20, 2010

Old Chair - idea from PB

Pottery Barn Bed & Bath
early Fall 2010
If you are following my project, you know that this has been a long process and I have been seeking your opinion and am still trying to decide on some of the aspects of it. 

I got an email from a friend last Saturday that had just received her Pottery Barn catalogue and she saw several things that looked like me...either things I have recently in the last year done around my house (voile dust ruffle on my bed last spring and two weeks ago pleated smocked voile curtains in my bedroom) or am in the process of doing (my chair).  Well, I got my copy of the Pottery Barn catalogue this week on Tuesday and I brought it to work to review over my lunch break the next day.  This chair inspired me, just as it did my friend, as some of its style is similar to what I am working on in my redo process of my Old Chair. 

What do you think of this compared to my last post in relationship to the wood stain color and the fabric?  Should I change from the stain I was going to use or proceed?  The wood on my chair is a hardwood, so it won't soak up the color as much as a soft wood wood.  I also wanted a bit of a contrast between the fabric and the stain, so that is one reason I picked a darker color.  I may make a trip to go look at fabric again and see if something else jumps out at me...but if I am still drawn to the same things, then I plan to go with my original stain purchase and hopefully will get that this weekend.  Maybe once that is done I will know what color fabric I want of the 4 top choices I have in the running right now. 

As always...give me your thoughts! 

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  1. I like the medium oak stain, but I still think that a darker richer stain would look good in your house. But, it is always great to mix different colors of wood, so I don't think you can go wrong!