Sunday, October 31, 2010

another garage sale!

So, if you remember, I did a garage sale two weeks ago.  Everyone donated their goods to my cause in the end of it and all this was setup Friday & Saturday for another sale at Bev's house.  I did the sale along with Bev, Martha and Cynthia.  It was very slow...not lots of customers, but in spite of all that, we really did well!  We did $925 of which I made $161 (after spending $12.75)!  So between my last sale, the things I have sold betwee on Craigs List, and then this weekend's sale, I have met my goal to make enough to pay my house payment!  YAH!!!  I contemplated doing another sale, but decided I am done with this for the remainder of this year.  We all donated all the leftover stuff to Milka as she does flea market sales.

I want to thank everyone for their donated items and the Lord for knowing my need and seeing to it that I met it!

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  1. Good. I'm glad your heart was uplifted in this way. It is encouraging to me also.