Monday, December 6, 2010

stackable metal filing bins

When I started my business in 2004, I needed filing cabinets for my stuff, but had limited resources, so I went thrift shopping.  I found these at McCart Thrift and bought all 6 of them, 3 orange ones and 3 olive green ones. 

Though orange and olive are not my color themes, I saw they had great potential. I came home and spray painted one silver just to see how it would take and how it would wear.  SIX YEARS later, I have finished spray painting them all!!!  :)  This was my project yesterday.  I applied a basic matte grey primer spray paint then two coats of silver metallic spray paint.   Overall, very pleased with the end result and so glad to have completed a task off my todolist!

Now don't look at the stuff around my completed project...I am still working on that!  But, it will happen...I am determined to get an organized working office in place!

Why did it take me so long to complete this?  I knew from the get go that I wanted them to be silver just like the locker I have, so it wasn't lack of decision over the color.  What could it be other than plain PROCRASTINATION??? LOL!  Oh well...I got them done and you can see the finished product. 

Oh, and can you see something else that is changed in the room???  I will give you a hint, its not the picture above the fax/scanner/copier...but its close.  :)

Tell me what you think!


  1. WOW!! Those look great!! I really need to get you here for a visit and some organizing at my place!! AND - the window looks great!!!!!!

    Love you and miss you tons!!!

  2. you know I offered and the offer is still a good one! :) I didn't put an expiration date on it, but I might have to! LOL!!!

    good guess Sheila...but no, it is not the window. The "new" window(s) will be on the opposite wall that doesn't have any right now. guess again...

  3. Did you paint the closet door?

  4. Hi Misty. Did you paint? I've never been to your house but the paint color looks different in both pictures. I haven't read your blog in a while so am now just catching up on your life. I will pray for you and all that's been going on in your life. Also for Terry. Love you, Lana

  5. @mjandi - no, not the closet door, but I did paint!
    @Lana M - yes! I painted the room a light grey. Do you like? Thanks for the prayers!

  6. I love these! Wish I had some for my did a great job on them.