Sunday, January 2, 2011

FREE Credit Report

Do you check your credit report?  Do you know that you can get a report for free from all 3 credit reporting agencies?  Yah, I know there are sources out there that say they are free, but you have to pay this monthly surcharge, this is not one of those.  They are 100% FREE.  Promise!  I will mention, you do have to pay to learn your credit score, but that is optional.  I have done that once, but typically do not do that unless I am interested in learning the figure for some important reason (like to help me with a purchase), but currently, I am not looking to purchase anything on credit (such as a house or car) so its of no value to me! 

So...before you forget, go get your report at  Click one or all three reporting agencies and view your report.  Mark your calendar to do this again next year. 

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