Sunday, January 2, 2011


If you are like me, you like to text.  You can send a quick message without interrupting someone on the phone.  They can respond when they have time.  Or do they?  Do they feel they need to send you a reply ASAP?  I do.  So if you are like me, you have developed a bad habit of texting and driving at the same time, you multitask and get as many things done at the same time.  Last year an awful video clip went around about a girl who text messaged while driving and was killed.  It was graphic as to her face, the bleeding, the screams of her friends in the car, etc.  I won't put that video clip in this post because it is a tough one. 

In March 2010, AT&T created a docmentary for the "Don't Text & Drive" Campaign.  Watch it hereWhat are your thoughts now after watching that? 

I personally have done much better at texting & driving since I saw that graphic video last year, but it helps me to be reminded of my commitment and desire to support AT&T (yes, even though I am a Verizon customer) in their "Don't Text & Drive" Campaign.

If you are a texter, may I ask you to pledge never to text and drive?

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