Friday, February 11, 2011

is it me???

I have followed several blogs for some time...and I am loosing heart.  Is it me?  or are you tired of these posts about how wonderful their life is?  It is all so perfect.  Nothing is amiss in the photos, everything is perfect...the sun, the lighting, the positioning, its all this grandeur that doesn't seem quite real.  My house doesn't look like that, I am not sure it ever has, even for company.  Does yours? 

Oh, and they buy these items here or there for like pennies on the dollar...then they either sell it for this nice priced amount or they display it in their home with this "look how much I saved/didn't spend".  If they don't like something, they redo it. If they don't want something, they find a way to get rid of it. Not much of "making do with" portrayed on these blogs.  I have mixed feelings...sometimes it makes me happy to see someone create a lookalike for real cheap because I do think that I am crafty (you might not) and I know that I enjoy making things, but I have to be honest, there are other times it makes me downright depressed.  If I choose to go to hire someone to make me a fake brick wall instead of do it myself (forget whether I could or would or want to), am I this awful person blowing money out the window? especially when you could do it for $10.00? (or maybe even for free with these leftover things you had from a previous project and this friend who had all the special tools.)  Or if I actually go to Pottery Barn and buy it instead of make it (forget whether I could or would or want to), am I considered now lavishly rich and not thrifty like you because I chose not to?  Don't get me wrong, being frugal is good.  I actually like to save money.  I promote being debt free.  I recommend living on a budget.  But when this frugality is portrayed as it is in many of these blog posts, it makes me feel like you dispise me and think I am wrong for not making all this homemade stuff just like you.  Yah, and sometimes, I must admit that I am even jealous.  I have to work my freaking life away and you can just have fun and be creative in all your spare time?  No, I will not have a million dollars in the bank because I hired a project out or shopped at Pottery Barn.  No, I do not and will not have the time to make these homemade stuff like you.  Maybe its "just me"...but all this impressive blogs creates a disturbance in me that I don't like.  Maybe I am the one with the abnormal life???  Is it "just me" or does it do the same for you???  Do you feel these are "real lives", not a fake dream world and so it is all good???  Share your thoughts...but realize, I have expressed mine and you don't have to agree with my opinion.  It is my blog and online journal.  Take it how you wish.


  1. Hi Misty,
    Sounds like you've had a rough go of it lately. As far as blogs go, check out April T's. and you'll see that everything isn't always hunky dory! (i.e. munchkins throwing clean folded laundry all over the house) Anyway, back to blogs, while I too admire people who are able to make anything out of nothing, I'm sure that they occassionally go out and splurge on something. Probably most of these bloggers are stay at home moms who enjoy stretching a dollar as far as possible. I say all that to say this, you're a lady who has to earn a living and probably doesn't have a lot of time to devote to d.i.y. projects. So don't beat yourself up if you occasionally shop at PB. I do it myself occasionally! Let me tell you about a darling fossil purse I bought at Macy's the other day! It's really cute and it was not cheap and I love it and so there! Hope you're feeling much better. It sounds like you were really knocked to timbuktu. Sorry for rambling.

  2. Thanks Lana for sharing! and I would love to see a picture of your fossil purse. :)

  3. Hi Misty, I am feeling for you with all the illness you have had. I would love to be where I could help you a little. At least bring you a little warm soup.
    From my point of view, if you buy something from PB or Goodwill it really doesn't matter as long as it is in your own budget. We are all at different stages in our lives. And remember, as I have learned in recent years, all these projects are much easier when you have a husband to help, lift and advise. I am amazed at how well you do in your set of circumstances. Remember the Lord is looking, caring and not forgetting you. Nancy