Thursday, February 10, 2011

sick of being sick...

I really am!  I have been sick for 12 days now and counting and I am done...but I guess my body really isn't done being sick because it hasn't gotten well.  I had thought I was doing really well, no sickness beyond allergies this winter, which I attributed it to drinking Kombucha and taking allergy shots.  Well, that didn't last...I made it to February, but I got sick.  I have had a nasty head cold with a major raw throat and cough.  I have been doing the typical things:
-lots of fluids
-lots of sleep
-eat when you want
-Menthol rub on throat and chest
-cancel any work you can 
-work when you feel like it, when you don't, nap
-wash the laundry and let it stay heaped in piles in the laundry baskets
-live in pj's all day long
-forget the hair, its just gonna get messy again when you take a nap and it takes too much effort to make cute
-don't make the bed, you will just be back there shortly
-take another hot shower, it will make you feel better temporarily

Last Friday, I thought I was getting better and I posted on Facebook:
I am feeling "ALIVE" today...yah!!! So thankful to be some better and no antibiotic!!! Thanks to all of you who cheered me on to rest and sent well wishs in various ways (prayers, FB messages/posts, texts, emails,calls)..very kind!

Then on Saturday, I woke up feeling like a MacTruck had run over me.  I posted:
The sun is shinning! the beauty of the bright blue skies against the white snow is goregous!!! Gods creation is very pretty...even though my cough is worse.
As the day wore on, I knew I was not going to make it without the antibiotic...nasty cough, lots more yiky colored was time to go to CVS and get the RX filled.  I did.  

I continued to try to go to bed early and sleep late, work for a few hours between naps, getting as much rest as I could...hoping that I would get better quickly. 

Monday night, I couldn't sleep until 4am...I wondered what was wrong? I have been so tired of late with this sickness, why couldn't I sleep? Well, I figured out the clue:
I took Tylenol Sinus Daytime (yah, the non-drowsy stuff) works, you won't sleep! :(  It was my own fault! snif.  But in self defense, wouldn't it make sense if the mint green tablets were night-time not day-time and the white tablets were day-time, not night-time??? Yah, I thought so too! :)

I finished my antibiotic cough is some better, my voice is slowly getting better...

But then today, I woke up with my left eye swollen, all blurry and very goopy.  I have a cold in my left eye, the technical name is Conjunctivitis.  Ugh!  The sickness just doesn't seem to want to leave me.  I now going into a mode of mega doses of VitaminC (3000mg every hour), I also started drops of silver directly in my eye (one dropper every hour) and did a parsley tea eye wash (once so far)...I hope this licks this nasty virus FAST because I am out of stamina.  

Why do some people rarely get sick???  oh and those some people that get sick and get better in 3 or 4 days??? they make me mad!  Then there are some of us that are blessed with the full range of sickness beyond the work sick?  I don't get it.  I know that I never do ANYTHING half heartedly, but must I always get this sick every winter???

Thanks for listening to me compain.  I know I shouldn't.  No excuses, I am just done with sickness.

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