Friday, March 16, 2012

learning life's lessons

We all have learning as we go through life.  As a child I didn't like that when my parents told me such things.  You seem to think that you go through school to be educated and learn and once you "learn", why do you have to learn more?  Aren't you done with that at some point?  Maybe we are done with book learning, specifically the stuff on the English language and math...but there are other learning things.

I am 35.  I am learning things.  Sometimes I feel like I am taking college courses the learning is so intense.  Some days I find it exciting.  Some days I find it tiring.  Some days I wonder if I will pass my test.  Some days I think the course is too hard.  Some days I am ready for the next chapter.  Some days I dread opening the book to study. 

In order to really learn the lesson, we can't have fear of it.  We have to embrace the fact that we have lessons yet to learn.  Embrace the reality that some of them will be downright tough.  Some of them will bring challenges but once we get past them and look back, we will see accomplishment.

I have many things I am still working to overcome from my childhood...but one thing I am learning is to listen to my body.  It sends you messages to help you treat it well, to assist in taking care of it, to not ignore the messages or you will face further consequences.  This has been a tough one for me!  I was pushed to continue regardless of how I was feeling.  Pushed to do more when I thought I would collapse.  Pushed to limits beyond what a child is capable of.  Don't get me wrong, we do have to stretch ourselves beyond what we think is possible or we become stagnate and don't grow.  We can't stop when it gets hard.  I am not referring to this.  I am referring to when enough is never good enough.  I am referring to the signs that clearly state someone is worn out and needs rest but you demand more.  I am not for one second going to tell you that I have "learned" my lesson, but I will voucher that I am learning and doing better than I used to.  You want an example?  Sunday I woke up with a throbbing headache that made me see dots.  I knew I could push myself, or I could pull up the covers and say "No, I can't do it today.  I am staying home."  I did just that.  I am learning.  Its been a tough road.  But I am learning.

Want to share with me a lesson you are learning?

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