Sunday, March 18, 2012

you want to be my friend?

I have been reflecting some on friendships.  There are times they are puzzling to me.  There are times I wonder if I have done something to hurt someone or cause them to pull away.  Friendships go through cycles.  I have written about friends a few times on my blog (Friends and what is a Friend to you).  Today I share a few more things.

Proverbs 18:24
A man that hath friends must show himself friendly

What does that mean to show yourself friendly?

friendly = like a friend; kind, helpful; favorably disposed: inclined to approve, help or support; not hostile or at variance;  amicable

So if you want to be my friend, why would you deride me for not writing you? Not calling you?  Not coming over?  Not texting?  Not staying in touch whatever form is our typical format?  Why would you not just write me, call me, text me, try to arrange a time to meet up...just to be a friend, show you care, just to see what might be going on in my world to prevent me/us from loosing touch?

You tell others that I seem to be caught up in my own world.  Have you never been caught up in your own world?  Have you never had time for the things you want to be doing because life demands such as a new baby, sickness, discouragement, having company or a really busy spell with work (or a million other reasons)...which meant you could not remotely connect with your friends?

I know for me, there are times these things can be very hurtful.  I want to remind myself that I may not always know what is going on in my friends life and to be friendly anyways, to be kind anyways, to be helpful anyways, to support anyways, to not do anything that could be taken as condemning, hurtful, rude, uncaring, unloving, and without understanding.

What are ways you show yourself friendly?

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