Friday, June 15, 2012


Have you ever tried Acupuncture?  If you have, did you like it?  How long did you do it?  If you haven't, have you ever considered it?

I have been doing Acupuncture weekly sessions for several weeks now [since the end of March 2012].  I have had a total of 12 visits now.

It is amazing.

My sessions are roughly an hour long.  Many times by the time I leave, I am zoning.  Not always, but sometimes I am in a daze.  Within two hours of a session, like clockwork, I am struggling to keep my eyelids open and sleep is coming over me like a welcomed blanket.  

It is heaven!

For at least one night.

Sometimes two.  Maybe three.  Even if not a complete nights sleep, improved dramatically and nearly solid.  Hoping that maybe with some more time I will have longer results.  Maybe it will be a cure for more things then just my insomnia?

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