Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day to my Father-like Figures

to all the Father-like Figures in my life: you have been a support, you have encouraged, you have given words of advice, you have taught me lessons, you have been real and not fake in your relationship with me, but most of all you have shown how much you care, you do not shun, you do not ignore, you love me for who I am...not who I am not, even when there are things that need have helped see their are fathers who truly do love and want to be fathers! Though there has not been just one of you in my life in this role to express my Thanks to, there are a handful of you that hold that special place in my heart from the last 14.5 years since I moved to Texas in 1997 in which you have shown me a part of a Father's heart!!!

[my post on Facebook this morning]

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