Saturday, October 13, 2012

continued improvement since Surgery

I have had continued improvement since Surgery.

I ate a thick slice of Banana Bread toasted with Cream Cheese for breakfast and had the last bit of Vegetable Beef Stew for lunch.  Shandy is bringing me sushi for dinner and I have spent the day knitting on a baby blanket.

My incisions are itching...that usually is a good sign of healing.  My knee and underside of my knee still hurts, however there is no pink tones today along with no swelling.  I think sleeping with it propped up on a Euro Pillow last night was a good thing.  My bruising is continuing to be colorful.  My arm increasingly sore as the veins get used to normal.  I am treating my rashes with cream and trying not to itch them.  I laid awake for 5 hours last night, but am still getting good restful sleep when I am sleeping and for that, I am tremendously grateful!!!  You don't know how long restful sleep has not been apart of my life and to have it, is a HUGE blessing.  There has been nearly no bleeding since surgery...and you have no idea how much of a relief this is to me!!!  The pain I am now experiencing is pain I am used to living with...I have no complaints.

I actually am enjoying this change of pace and allowing my body to rest and heal!

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