Friday, October 12, 2012


I am getting great rest since I have been home!!!  In fact, the first two nights, I slept all the way through other than waking up to use the bathroom a few times.  I can't tell you how grateful I am for this rest!!!

My right knee is a little swollen today, with a bit of a pinkish tint to the really hurts, deep like a headach or muscle ach.  I am concerned that I am getting a blood clot so I have walked around the house each day a few times as the doctor has ordered, however I am going to walk around on it more and try to massage it to improve it.  I don't know what else it could be other than muscle tension during surgery.  I have broken out with a rash on my chest from the EKG Monitor stickers...and on my abdomen.  Surprise!!!  I am highly allergic to adhesives no matter what I tell people, they can't get how allergic I am.  

My appetite is decent, enough but not like normal however I am not going and doing like my body is used to...and just eating liquids is not something I do regularly.  I have had some great fresh made juicies from Aunt Connie, one with beet, carrot, apple, and kale and another with carrot and orange.  Both were delicious!!!  I had pureed vegetable beef soup that Sherry made in a jar just enough for one person.  She also made me Banana Bread and though this is not on my diet [due to wheat and sugar that I have been avoiding for several years now], I am going to eat a piece...maybe a thick slice each day!  She also left me a pretty pot of Pink Kolancho flowers.  I got yellow Carnations and Lilly's from Judy that we put in a vase on the piano.  Jennifer brought a cute little vase of white Alstremeria and left it on the front porch for me.  
flowers from Jennifer

One of my strategic business partners, Anil, sent me a bouquet of cookies with a message:  Pace yourself...get well soon and a snail to remind me to go go slow!  
Pace Yourself...cookies from Anil {and Pat & Beth] w/EMR Remedies
Aunt Connie went home last night.  I am doing remarkably well I think for what I could be experiencing.  I believe there are several contributing factors in this:
  • I had a good surgeon
  • I was on a liquid diet before and after my surgery that can only help the digestive system heal and not contribute to swelling
  • I have been taking lots of Arnica along with a dietary supplement for healing and an Homeopathic combination for healing
  • I have gotten some good rest and sleep at home
I fixed myself scrambled eggs for breakfast and had a good cup of Mint Green Tea with honey and cream.  I will have Tomato Soup for lunch with Kettle Corn Popcorn.  Jennifer is coming later to visit and bring me some Arnica Gel that I want to apply to my belly and lower back, along with a prescription.  Jackie is going to bring me dinner, BBQ Chicken with mashed potatoes...which sounds yummy!  I am going to try to sit up in the chair today, maybe even knit some and not just lounge on the sofa.

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