Tuesday, October 23, 2012

last day of 15 day Medical Leave...

Today marks the end of my 15 day Medical Leave from work to recover from surgery.  I slept in and then was lazy bones in bed and stayed in my pj's until 5pm.  Between knowing it was my last day to do this, along with being utterly worn out from yesterday and trying to manage the constant congestion from my sinus infection and desire for sleep, I made it last.  My day ended with a massage, one of the best things in the world, something I have not had in over a month.  

The break has been good for me and I pray that I am able to pace myself the next 15 days as I launch back into the work zone.  The goal is to work Part Time and to not overdue it. My doctor stressed with me yesterday that complete recovery is 6 weeks and to remember to not do more than I can.  That's a tough pill to swallow when you have lived your life every day being told you can do more, whatever you did was not enough, and if you are tired it doesn't matter you can still do more.  I still have battles yet to win in this...but I am working on them.  I am grateful for the time to recuperate and look forward to getting caught up, one email, phone call, and project at a time.

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