Monday, October 22, 2012

Cleared Post Operative Appointment

My Post Operative appointment went well. My doctor was very pleased with healing of my incisions and his exam proved all is normal for this two week stage.  I have been released to work Part Time on the 24th.  Doctor asked me to remember that I had major surgery...(think he knows a thing or two about me???)...he said that though I am up and about, doing well at recovery, don't overdue it.  It takes a full 6 weeks to recover.  

Gotcha.  I am trying.  Promise.

I then went and saw my Allergist.  He gave me my flu shot, an antibiotic shot and an oral antibiotic for an ugly sinus infection.  Yup, that's what extreme allergies with no let up do to you, they infect you.  

I then went to the lab to get lab work drawn for a two week check up on hormone levels since surgery.  This will be repeated in four weeks so that we are making sure we are staying on track as my body adjusts to an all new range of hormones.  

For now, extreme night sweats beyond what I thought were bad ones before and cold feet are all part of the adjustments.  Don't you want to be me?  Hey...I can't complain...or should I say, I won't complain.  One of my major symptoms has not been apart of the picture since I had surgery and I didn't touch the corner of His Robe but believe me, it feels like it!!!

Hopefully I won't feel like crud too much longer and I can continue to improve!!!

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