Tuesday, October 16, 2012

ready to dress up

Those of you that know me, know I love to dress up!  Sitting around the house in lounge wear has been relaxing, but not "me"...if you know what I mean.  

I introduced Jennifer to Ceviche at Antonio's yesterday and she texted me stating she was so hungry for it again.  I suggested we go eat sushi since her husband is out of town and her girls are too!  She said done deal, so we made plans to go out for dinner at 6pm.  I had an excuse to get dressed up and go out for a girls night out.  Boy was it fun to wear my heels again!!!  No, I couldn't walk fast in them, but dressing up sure felt good.  

We went to Sushi Axiom and enjoyed a yummy dinner.  We chatted for about 2 hours and then she brought me home...and we chatted nearly another two hours in the driveway!  I told her that I could have offered for her to come in, yet here we sat in the car with it running having one of those memorable chats you have with girlfriends.  I finally said I needed to go to bed and we called it a night.  

It was a fun girls night!

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