Sunday, January 6, 2013

[bible study] Why Do You Believe That?

I enjoyed my Woman's Bible Study that I did with a group of 6-10 ladies [depending on how many showed up] each Monday Morning this past Fall.  We did a Bible Study called Breaking Free by Beth Moore.  It was a study that I feel I could do again because of how general it was and how depending on what you are going through in your life it could apply to so much.  I am finding that I am learning a whole bunch by doing a Bible Study [even though I had great fear of doing this because of how much time was spent doing Bible Studies "as a family" in my childhood and the resentful feelings I had over the whole deal] and it has encouraged me beyond words to share with other believers and deepen my faith in God.

Tonight, I started a new bible study tonight with a group of couples called Why Do You Believe That?  I am looking forward to this 7 week study in our 90 minute sessions.  Maybe I will share my nuggets from each of the lessons with you.  We shall see how I do at staying up with my lessons and managing the rest of everyday life and having a business.  I don't want to stress or add to my tasks that will create stress.

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