Sunday, January 6, 2013

company on short notice...

In a quest to not live as I have before, to not be stressed, I am learning to be different.

Sheila was down for December Camp in Glen Rose, TX over the Christmas Holiday.  I invited her to stay with me, but she was unsure of her plans. I said, No problem you are always whatever works for you.  

I texted her earlier in the week, do you know your plans?  Are you still coming?  She wasn't sure but was thinking they would be coming but didn't know where she would be staying as she would have the boys with her this time.  I told her I understood.  I mean, what boy wants to hang with me all weekend???  I did tell her though, if they did come I would do my best to give them a fun evening and I would get my Aunt Misty fix.  ;)

Sheila texted me Thursday night to see if it was still an option to stay with me.  I said absolutely.  

I didn't tell her I was out of town and would not be able to get the house in decent order before her arrival as I was not scheduled to return until late Friday night.  I didn't tell her that there really was no food in the house to speak of and they would have to scrounge around.  I knew she wouldn't care.  I knew we would make it work and it would all be okay.  Why?  Because it is.  It always is.

I also knew that this would be a good lesson for me not to stress.  Not to stress about my house.  About the food.  To learn that everything doesn't have to be planned out to work.  And that I can truly fly by the seat of my pants beyond just in emergency situations.  No, if I had "planned it" it would have been different.  But there was no planning at this point and I wasn't going to say "No, you can't come just because I hadn't been able to plan".  Not a chance of that!!!

I got home very late, 10.45pm, and was in bed in 15minutes.  Sheila arrived some time later, but I stayed in bed and rolled over and went back to sleep.  My plan was to get up early and go to the grocery store to get some items.  When the alarm went off at 7am, I really didn't want to.  It was cold.  I was beyond exhausted from my late night.  Two late nights in one week was really wrecking havoc on me, on top of being without my adrenal medicine, I was beyond fatigued.  I laid there thinking, what was I going to buy anyways to fix to eat?  The longer I laid there, the more I thought about the fact that I had eggs, there was Tang in the pantry, along with potatoes.  I decided in short order that I would fix scrambled eggs with mozzarella cheese, Tang to drink (since I didn't have frozen orange juice or cranberry juice), hashbrowns (half russet potatoes and sweet potatoes) and turkey bacon.  It worked, we had breakfast even if Kearstin wasn't so thrilled with it!  ;)

I then got to work with one of my employees who was previously scheduled to work a half day with me getting my clients files all in complete order for 2012 so that I might deliver them to his office along with my keys at the end of their day at 1pm, so that we could officially be done and part ways.  

Sheila & the kids went thrift shopping and then met up with Sydney & Jeremy to spend some Granma time...and do more shopping.  We met back up later in the afternoon and I took Sheila and Kearstin to get pedicures with me, my treat!  Getting a pedicure is so much fun!  I don't do that very often, but having soft clean trimmed feet is so fun!!!

Sheila headed out to the meeting hall for the Birthday Party for Drew.  Zachary and I sat in the living room and chatted for an hour or so before we decided to go eat dinner at Olive Garden with a Gift Card from my speaking engagement from last January at the AAPC on Credentialing.  It was packed and we waited about 45 minutes before enjoying their special of 2 for $25 right now which includes their yummy Tiramisu!  We came back and Zach decided to read while I wrote a few emails and then decided I would not wait up for Sheila, I was headed to bed because it was already 2 hours past my bedtime.  I wasn't in bed long when Sheila arrived and I got up and we chatted for about 30 minutes in the living room with Zach and Kearstin (James stayed home with Greg & Shannon).  We then called it a night so we all could get enough sleep. 

Sunday we had two sessions of Christian Fellowship and then ate lunch at one of my favorite places to eat my absolute favorite food, sushi!  The picture below is of me and Kearstin at Sushi Axiom.  I had fun spoiling them and got to treat them to this too.  We then came home and Sheila packed up and headed out!
Misty & Kearstin
Thanks for coming to visit Sheila!  I am thoroughly glad that I got to have you for the weekend, even if it was a last minute plan!  I enjoyed our conversations and time of sharing our faith and desire to grow in God!!! I am excited for the opportunities we will have.  Keep your eyes focused on Him!  Keep me posted on your vision for 2013 and your progress through the Dave Ramsey Debt Snowball.  I support you!  Please come again soon or let me know when I can come and we can have that girls weekend we keep talking about.....I love you friend!

Zachary, remember to keep your heart with all diligence!

Kearstin, continue to grow in the attributes of a meek and quiet spirit!

Love all 3 of you!

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