Sunday, January 20, 2013

update on Dad

I received an update on my Dad from Aunt Connie and my Aunt Donna.

My dad sustained a head injury when he passed out, in all likelihood from the pain and vomiting relating to the Kidney Stones, however he was on a significant amount of pain medication and had a stroke a few years ago so there may be other aspects relating to this.  Evidently the head injury is both internal and external as the wound is the size of a golf ball.  The CAT Scan shows the bleeding has stopped, though it appears from medical reports via my Uncle Dana that he did not have an aneurysm.  Dad is still in the hospital awaiting an MRI.  Mom has not been to see him since he went in as she doesn't want to risk getting sick and said her doctor told her not to go until he gets his own room.  

I hope that others have had an opportunity to go because this is a ripe opportunity without my Mom around.  I don't mean that in a mean way, it simply is the truth.  She is so controlling and manipulating, there is no way to have a real conversation with my Dad in her presence.  Course, Dad is so jaded by her ways that sometimes it is hard to break that wall with him.

Mom has since relayed the full story to Terry so he is aware.  I do not know if contact as been made with Mindy, but I did send her a text message and Facebook message (even though we are not friends) stating:  

Mom has asked that I relay a message to you. Please let me now how to do this as you prevoiusly asked me not to talk to you. Please call mom or Terry for details about Dad. Love you! Misty

This leave my heart feeling that there is much to pray about!

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