Sunday, March 3, 2013

a call from Mom

I received a call from my Mom today as I was en route to the wrecker site to sign paperwork to have my car towed tomorrow to the auto body shop.  I debated about whether to answer it.  The calls normally come through without the phone number listed as Private Number.  Today it came through with the phone number listed and I knew it was hers even though she is not in my phone.  So why would I debate?  Because I couldn't think of a reason she would be calling me and I wasn't sure we needed to have a conversation.  Everything she has relayed to others about me of late is full of anger and hatred, so why would I want to talk to someone like that?  She didn't call me to let me know that Dad had passed and canceled the Memorial when she learned I was coming.   Pretty simple.  That is why I debated.  In the end, I decided to answer and move forward.

She let me know she was sorry that I had had a wreck.  [I wondered who had told her this information.]  I replied that I was sorry too.  She then said "Honey, if you are willing to work with me I am willing to work with you.  If you need to come home, you can.  You can rent from me or whatever you need to do."  [Excuse me?  You will work with me if I work with you???  What type of a deal is this?  I have had a wreck and you think that means I need to come to live with you???  You think that is home to me?]  I took a deep breath, and said, "Thanks Mom, but I don't think that will be necessary." She then went on to say that she was glad that I came to the Memorial.  I responded "I am very glad I came too Mom.  I am very Thankful for ALL Uncle Dana and Aunt Donna did for the event.  They truly went out of their way and I appreciate their efforts."  She said, "Yah, me too."  She then said, "Please be in prayer for me honey about selling the house and all that is going to have to be done with the help of Truman and others. I don't know how I am going to do all this or what decisions I am going to have to make, so please pray for me."  I said "I will continue to pray for you Mom."  And we hung up.

The situation is absolutely laughable.  She obviously is feeling lonely and needing to control someone and so she is trying to make up a situation so that she can do just that.  My Mom's house is not home to me.  Just because my car was in a wreck and may or may not be repairable, doesn't mean that I need to move anywhere, let alone in with my Mom. I have been gone 15.5 years and taken care of every need I have had.  Mom has nothing to offer me.  


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