Saturday, March 2, 2013

continued thanks...

Continuing to THANK God for being with me yesterday in spite of a major event on an already rough day, 11 days since Granma Omi passed away, which was 11 days since my Dad passed away. I don't understand all the events and things that keep happening, but I am beyond grateful nobody was injured (me or 3 people in the vehicle I rear ended)!!! I am beyond blessed for meeting a lady of faith that told me that I was forgiven before this ever happened...she has no clue what impact she... had on me during that moment. I am privileged to have wonderful friends who care and check in on me. 

I am fine...just very much emotionally and physically drained by the events for the last 7-8 weeks. I don't understand God's plan, but I have faith He has one and that it is going according to His will. Even in this, I will praise Him!

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