Monday, May 13, 2013

a gift from a friend...

I got home from my trip to Utopia Day 1, Utopia Day 2, and the special event with Jennifer to a package sitting on my front porch from one of my dear friends, Janelle.  It was a gift and came with this message on the inside of the package:

note from Janelle

This is what she got me:

a sign I wanted...

I love that sign!!! You may or may not remember a post in which I mentioned if I knew where I could get one made just like this, I would.  Janelle evidently paid attention to that wish of mine and she did just that!  She got it as a gift just for me!  Wow!!!  Talk about a special gift that means a bunch to me.  I love this verse!  It is my desire to be that to you, my friend, encourage you in this Courageous Journey!

where I hung it in the Kitchen/Dinning Room

This item will be one of those that I try to make a mad dash and grab if this place ever goes up in smoke.  Yup.  It will be a treasured piece.

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