Monday, May 20, 2013

bank experience

Because of my love for accuracy and working with numbers and in accounting, whenever I do a garage sale, my friends always make me in charge of the money box. We always balance...or we are over because someone forgot to write a purchase down when we all handle the mad rush of people.  I haven't ever been short, but I know there are people that have had that experience.  Such was the case this past weekend.  We were $3 over.  I distributed the money to those who did the sale with me and then took out mine.  It all balanced, completely!  

Tonight, I went to the drive through bank and asked for a deposit slip. As is always my practice before I deposit funds, I count it again.  What I put on the form was exactly what I balanced to and what I had calculated this weekend and I filled out the slip. I sent my hard earned $134.93 [technically $84.93 as $50.00 of that was what I had drawn out to make change] thru the drive up teller lane. When the teller received my funds and counted them, she then told me that I didn't have what I wrote on the deposit slip, it was $11.00 short. At this point, I got mad.  I told her that I had balanced it at home as I had a garage sale this past weekend and had counted it twice before filling out the form and I had the same number.  I asked her to send it back to me to recount. Sure enough, it now was $11.00 short. I was floored!!!  How do you think you can get away with this? You can't. God saw you!  I called her out on it. I told her that it didn't match what I had and her response was "What do you want me to do? The only thing I can do is recount my drawer."  The problem with this is the money does not go into your drawer until you have balanced my transaction.  She then asked if I knew how much I had of each number.  I said yes I do, that is all at home on my paperwork.  I know she didn't believe me.  

I was angry.  Very angry.  It made me feel very sick.  To have worked this hard and loose $11.00 all because someone thought it was funny, was mean, downright mean.  I should have gone inside [though the Lobby was now closed]. I should not have trusted people are honest. God knows she evidently needed the $11.00 more than I did, but this stings and yes, I am angry at people who do fraud! I know I normally do not vent like this, but now you can see that I truly do have times that I do get angry.

I then texted my friend Debbie about the situation.  She had done the garage sale with me and I couldn't believe it and just wanted to share what happened.  Debbie wanted to give me $11.00.  That isn't why I texted her...I wouldn't think that just because she did the garage sale with me that means we need to split this loss.  Really?  I can make another $11.00...God will provide.  The $11.00 is not what hurts.  Don't get me wrong, I am not into making my hard earned money just to throw it away, Why was I angry?  Why can't I just feel compassion about someone taking their struggles out on me?  Someone out to create pain and hurt in my life?  I simply am angry at how cruel people can be.  Careless.  Without feeling.  Making you the "bad guy", the one trying to cheat the bank out on their funds when in reality that was not the case.  This is what makes me angry!

Once I got home, I prayed that God help me to know how to handle this because I believe the branch manager needs to know the details.  I will find my garage sale paper with our sales and total made along with the breakdown of how many $20's, $10's, $5's, $1's, $0.25's, $0.10's, and $0.01's.  Doesn't mean that it will end in my favor, but I think they need to know that I don't accept fraud and will do business with banks and people that expect excellence.  As a customer of their's, this should mean something to them.  I don't expect it to mean something to them, as I have had other issues previously.  I also want to learn what I need to from this.  I know I keenly struggle with feeling fought against all the time.  I don't want things like this to make me angry.  I want to be that loving person in spite of the way I am treated...Always.

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