Tuesday, June 18, 2013

a lesson to be learned from someone else

I had a meeting scheduled with a local DME Business Owner for coffee at Starbucks.  I obtained the connection through a guy who connected with me through LinkedIn and felt that the he could provide a connection for the two of us and that we would be good strategic business partners.  

As it has been a lot for me lately, I feel extreme pressure, overwhelming sense of being behind in my work, alarmed that I feel like I am going in circles and not making progress on some stuff, feeling like I am drowning and not even swimming upstream let alone floating downstream, challenged beyond words to keep up with all that is happening with my clients, with little time to rejuvenate me or tend to the needs of my own business and household.  I left the house for this appointment knowing that I was not feeling "in the mood" for this social interaction relating to business.  Not because I truly didn't want to meet this lady, but because I felt I was taking out precious time that was needed to be spent on other critical things on my plate, yet this appointment had been booked nearly a month previously and I was not going to cancel.  Yet at the same time, I wanted to go as I wanted the opportunity to thank her for something she did for me a month ago.  

You see, on Tuesday, May 21st, Lorena called to introduce herself to me.  I was having one of those awful days.  You know when nothing goes right?  I was scheduled to be a host of a Round Table Discussion and Learning Event that evening at the AAPC Fort Worth Chapter and I had not prepared much in advance.  It was about 11.30am in the morning and my internet was intermittent.  My eFax was down and I couldn't get the necessary information I needed to process the data.  A tornado watch was issued and supposed to be in effect until 4-5pm.  I was in tears.  How was I going to get my needed data and be ready in time for this event at 6pm?  I was beyond stressed.  In the midst of this, this lady calls me.  She asked if it was a good time to talk.  I am not one to ever tell someone no.  I will always tell you yes, even if truly is not a good time.  This time though, I was so thoroughly bent out of shape and decided that I would be honest and tell her that no, it was not a good time.  She said she understood and would call me in a few days.  Not 10 minutes after we hung up, I go this from her:

Dear Heavenly Father,
I pray that you watch over Misty and her current situation.  Show her that this obstacle is just to encourage her to be a better speaker and show her the opportunities that are around her.  Show her that you have a hand in all that we do.  I pray for a profitable company and a calm to come to her heart and soul Father.  Be with her today as she prepares for this speech that she touches those around her and that you allow those to see the confidence in her skills.
Thank you so much for being who you are Lord the provider for all of us.

I was blown away!  This lady had never met me.  She didn't know I was a Christian and believed in God.  She didn't know that I am normally not this frustrated, frazzled and stressed out.  She didn't know my circumstances or situation, yet you know what she did?  She showed me God.  She showed me love.  She was caring and thoughtful.  She brought me peace.  She didn't just pat my shoulder and say "I will pray for you".  She stopped right then and there and prayed for me and sent me the prayer to let me know she did so.  It brought extreme peace to my troubled soul.  It brought focus to the situation and a perspective that I was missing being all caught up in the moment.  Since September 2012 when I started a Woman's Bible Study Group, I have met more people who have faith that is ALIVE and REAL and who are not afraid to live it out before you.  They want you to know and have confidence in the God they believe in.  They walk out their faith daily, with complete strangers.  This is not the experience I have had with believers previously.  I have people who grab my hands and pray with me right at that moment, not who just say "I will pray for you" in a sorry, sad, sympathetic tone.  They believe in the power of prayer and it brings strength and hope to their voice.

So today I was scheduled to meet Lorena.  She was very kind, she shared with me her story.  A personal story of how she began her business, what she went through in a legal lawsuit over the non compete territory and clause after leaving her previous employer, how it dragged on for two years, how she lost everything, and how she was treated by connections, coworkers and people in the community.  She shared with me how she did the right thing because it was the right thing to do, not because she wouldn't have preferred to deal revenge instead.  She shared stories of how she turned the other cheek because she knew God was in control.  She has since had the opportunity to be loving and gracious to people who threw her under the bus.  People who mocked her, treated her coldly, who assumed the worst and made up information about her.  She described how she had to treat them when in their presence before the legal battle was over and the truth of the matter was known, she was kind anyways.  


We shared industry stories, business experiences, challenges and struggles.  She learned of things I do to help my clients and I learned of a way that I may be able to help her too.  She in turn wants to help me locate another team member to add to my team to replace the one that quit recently and is being giving back.  Giving without seeing results. Giving with no strings attached.  Giving because she simple wants to see me succeed.  

Why did God have me meet her?  

Because I believe He wants to send me a clear message.  He wants to show me His Love through His People.  He wants me to believe that He is in people that I work with.  He is ALIVE.  He knows my needs.  He will provide.  He will send people to encourage you with their stories and inspire you to do the same and turn the other cheek.  There are probably other reasons, but those are the ones I think of.  

I stand amazed at my God!

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