Tuesday, June 25, 2013

do you believe with God ALL things are possible?

Photo: Metro Scissor Lift Services

Do you believe that with God all things are possible?  
Really believe it?  
IF you believe it, do you let it impact your life?  
Every step of your journey?

So if you saw this on someone's truck, would you believe they believe this?  Or would you pass it off as a good saying, something you wished were true?

I participate in several networking forums, some online and some that meet in person.  A post was put out the end of last week that if anyone wanted to donate brand new air conditioners this company would install them for free to people in need, elderly who don't have air conditioning, and for those who couldn't afford one before the summer heat got too intense.  I commented and replied via email for more information.  I followed through and met Tim Love, the owner of Metro Scissors Lift Service's, at Home Depot yesterday and purchased 4 units.  Tim shared with me his faith, why he has a passion to serve and what how he believes that with God all things are possible.  He is walking out what he believes with everything he owns...with every part of his life.

After our purchase, I walked out to his truck with him...this is what I saw (which he had posted on Facebook earlier that day).  It isn't some fancy saying he is proud of.  It is the core of who he believes God is!  It is how he is living his life.  Even after a week of no work, he is serving other people and is not complaining.  He believes with God ALL THINGS are possible.

Do you?

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