Thursday, July 18, 2013

a worthy vocation

I have been reflecting on work, specially my career work as an entrepreneur providing Medical Billing, Credentialing, Accounting, Consulting & Training Services to my clients.  What does it mean to be doing something worthy?  When I say worthy, I mean a vocation that is beneficial, has value, is serving?  

Growing up, my parents did not want me to continue schooling beyond High School.  And in reality, they wanted me to "get out of school" as soon as I could.  Thus, I graduated High School at 15, in the 2nd Semester of my Sophomore Year by taking the California High School Proficiency Exam.  This is a test for 16 year olds [or those who are in their 2nd Semester if not 16 yet] similar to the GED that is known nationally.  The test was 6 hours long.  I passed the first time and got my certificate December 1991.  No walking across the stage though I did get a certificate mailed to me.  Now what?  My parents plans for me were to get married and have kids.  They didn't believe it was right for girls to work, in fact they believed it was independent and haughty to hold a job.  In case you don't know, I am now 36, not married and will never be a birth mom.  This is another way I haven't fulfilled my parents dreams.  In the interim to this plan, my parents wanted me to learn to type and I did on an old fashioned typewriter of my Dad's.  I got my speed up really fast, nothing like a computer keyboard where you have auto correct and can easily backspace.  You had to put these tape stuff in the slot to correct your mistakes.  The goal was to type really fast, not looking at my fingers and reading from a script to the right or left of the typewriter.  After hours of perfecting my skill, timing myself, striving for 100% accuracy, I got really good at it.  Then my parents had me go door to door trying to solicit work to type.  Really?  Out in the desert where nobody lives you think someone is going to use me?  Nothing came of it.  I did some babysitting, until that infringed on my mom's schedule.  I was forced to get a job when my Dad's health insurance policy was going to go up $100 because of my age and to keep the option of staying on the family plan until I was 21.  They stated they could not afford this and I would have to get a job, though it was without their blessing.  I landed my first job from my first interview.  It was a job in the medical field at a Dermatologist Office, March 1996 at age 19.  I was hired as a Part Time File Clerk, but only worked Part Time the first day.  They had so much work for me to do they needed me to come back Full Time until they got caught up.  Needless to say,I have never worked Part Time.  They taught me more and more and more things and by the time I left that job, I was doing Medical Billing.  I have been in the medical field ever since. I started my own business June 2004 doing what I had learned to do on the job and through classes, continuing education, research, seminars and the like.  I have devoted my life to learning it so much that I know it backwards and forwards.  

In reflecting on all this, I have come to believe that my parents thoughts on what was a worthy vocation were wrong.  The "Group of Christian's" I have met with my entire life believe that in order to be doing a worthy vocation, you have to do something that blends in with any skill relating to being a mother, anotherwards it would be best that be a midwife, babysitter, seamstress, or a massage therapist.  Any other type of work is "not profitable" or "not as God has called you to do".  Your job can not take you away from attendance at "meeting".  Your lifestyle must be simple and you can't make much money.  Over and above this, our society believes that you are doing something great if you are a doctor, policeman, fireman or someone doing great work for or to people.  Don't get me wrong, these are great professions, but I don't believe they are more worthy than any other profession.  They may outwardly "help" people more, but they are not any more noble in God's eyes then the clerk at the bank.

In reflecting on what God considers worthy, I have thought about Christ's life here on earth.  Who could have had a more worthy vocation?  Complete service to everyone, not just the disciples, but even the Pharisees that hated and mocked him.  He clearly states he has given each of us different gifts.  Each of us have gifts.  To believe you don't, means you don't believe Romans 12:6.  God calls us to be Servants, to Serve and Love His People!  

What is a servant?  Simple.  A person in the service [an act of helpful activity; useful, providing; a supplier; to make fit] of another.

I believe with all my heart that if you do what you do as unto Him, with a servants heart, with the focus of benefiting other people, you will be doing a worthy vocation.  The career you choose or that you land by happenstance, will be a worthy vocation if you put your heart, soul and mind to doing it with a passion and for God.  It may not be your dream job, but you can turn it into a worthy job by making it the lifeline you use to serve.  You can be doing something nobody see's, but the behind the scenes work also has to happen for the front row people to get in on it.  Don't let the lack of title or professional experience keep you from serving and loving.  It doesn't take much to serve, but you must have a willing heart and you must be willing to work with all your serve well and often.

Awww, this is the true definition of a worthy vocation!


  1. Dear Misty,
    As a faithful follower of your blog I have to respectfully disagree with your point about "the group of christians" you were raised with only encouraging "motherly" type jobs. I have been raised in the same environment and never did I get any flak from working outside the home, first in a medical clinic and then in in a male dominated field of an automobile dealership. While that may be your perspective from the home you were brought up in, it's not the case with every home. I just want to you to be fair in your assessments. Love you, Lana

  2. I appreciate the thought Lana! I know that was the perspective of the home I was brought up in and the council I received, but am glad to know that not everyone had that perspective. Thanks for sharing and following. I love you friend!